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About Us

Juniata Wrestling Club - Purpose

The purpose of the Juniata Wrestling club shall be to promote good sportsmanship between individuals actively interested in wrestling, to organize, and sponsor wrestling events for the competition of its members, and to fundraise for the purpose of sponsoring our wrestling members and team to events throughout Pennsylvania and the United States.

The Juniata Wrestling Club shall be financially supported exclusively by fundraising through tournaments and other activities throughout the season(s).  The Juniata Wrestling Club will ensure its members have a strong interest in the sport of wrestling and the community.  The Juniata Wrestling Club goal is to make sure we promote wrestling's countless advantages in helping create a physically and mentally strong student-athlete.

Juniata Wrestling Club - Mission Statement

The mission of the Juniata Wrestling Club is to provide a grassroots foundation for the growth and development of youth wrestling in Juniata County.  The program will provide a safe, fun, and responsible environment for the instruction and practice of skills necessary for both personal development and the advancement of wrestling skills.  Superior sportsmanship, behavior, and wrestling skills will be the major focus of this organization in that order.  Our organization welcomes any/all members interested in wrestling from the young to the old.

Juniata Wrestling Club - Overview

Thank you for taking this chance to learn more about the Juniata Wrestling Club located in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania.  The Juniata Wrestling Club is a 501(c)(3) organization that is run by volunteers.  The Juniata Wrestling Club is open to young and old wrestlers, who wish to participate in amateur wrestling tournaments.  The Juniata Wrestling Club expects wrestlers and family members to display superior sportsmanship and to treat others with respect. 

The Juniata Wrestling Club is open to all wrestlers in Juniata County and surrounding counties regardless of skill level or what school the wrestler may attend.  The Juniata Wrestling Club places a major focus on conditioning and becoming experts of basic and advanced wrestling techniques.