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Rules of the Room

  1. No gum, candy, food, or drinks (except water or sports drinks) in the weight room or wrestling room.
  2. No jewelry or watches may be worn by wrestlers while practicing or wrestling.
  3. Any cuts or sores must be covered. If you have a contagious rash or sore you cannot practice. Parents, please be sure your child showers immediately after each practice and brings clean practice clothes to each practice.
  4. Take all personal items with you after practice each night.
  5. Parents, do not let children that are not practicing roam around the school / grounds, do not leave them unattended.
  6. No fighting, No foul or offensive language, No weapons, No threats or intimidation. (this applies to any wrestler, parent, guardian, friend or family relation)
  7. No street shoes on the wrestling mats.  Do not wear wrestling shoes outside. 
  8. Only the Wrestlers, Coaches, and board members are allowed to remain in the wrestling room during practice.
  9. If a wrestler is disruptive at practice, the wrestler may be suspended from practice until it is deemed the wrestler has the ability to participate in an appropriate manner.
  10. This club reserves the right to expel or otherwise bar (either permanently or temporarily) any offending individual and wrestler/parent etc. affiliated with the offending individual, from participating with the club and any of its activities if any of the above rules are violated.